Kids are our future, and the brightness of that future depends in part on the skills they build – and the experiences they have – in the present. That’s what makes our mission at Youth Enrichment Brands (YEB) so meaningful. We can create a brighter future by helping every kid discover and develop lifelong passions through best-in-class youth activities.
To achieve our mission, we rely on a distinct culture shaped by the following principles:

01. Service is our superpower.

We separate ourselves from the competition with exceptional service. We don’t rest until our partners are satisfied, and we’re proud that our support helps coaches and instructors stay in the game, and franchisees realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

02. Compete with integrity.

We are a hyper-competitive company with ambitious employees who want to win. But we play by the rules and view integrity as the main ingredient for long-term impact.

03. Be a great teammate.

Our network features decades of youth enrichment experience that span countless sports, academic, and creative activities. We are most successful when we trust, learn from, and share resources with our teammates.

04. Be bold, yet humble.

We’re not afraid to take big swings. If we miss, we’re humble enough to take accountability, learn from it, and ace the next attempt. After all, you can win with a second serve, but not a double fault.

05. Grow with purpose.

We are a growth company, but we don’t just grow for growth’s sake. We are intentional about the partners we work with, the companies we acquire, and the employees we hire. Culture fit always beats financial fit.

06. Change with compassion.

As we grow, change is necessary– and we’ll approach it compassionately. When we make changes, we’ll do so thoughtfully and transparently.

07. Measure impact, not participation.

We rely heavily on data as we grow to evaluate performance and make decisions. While we weigh all numbers, total smiles will always trump total sign-ups.

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Vice President of Marketing

California, Colorado

The Vice President of Marketing at Streamline Brands is a strategic leader who understands the unique dynamics of franchise marketing. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in the franchise space, with an acute understanding of franchisor-franchisee relations and experience in managing strategic brand funds. This role requires a digitally savvy marketer who is an expert at interpreting data and navigating the nuances of local and national marketing across the digital marketing mix.

December 27, 2023
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